Monday, August 27, 2012

Nightmares and lucid dreaming

Ahhh, nightmares, you are such fun thing to deal with. You haunt us during our slumber, without any proper explanations afterward, we must accept you just like that. Good times!

Have any of you experienced lucid dreams before? I have and I had one last night. It seems that I have nightmares at least once a month or so. They're pretty horrifying to me, they do not allow me to get proper rest, they include things that scare the bejeezus out of me and I don't care for them one bit. Normally I have pretty vivid dreams and sometimes I wonder if our sleep world could possibly be an alternate reality. Now, before some of you discount me as crazy for saying so, let's just talk about lucid dreams. These are dreams in which one is actually aware that they are dreaming and thusly can actually control what happens in the dream. 

In my case, I've had lucid dreams during experiencing a nightmare and I was 'aware' enough to tell myself to wake up in order to stop the torment. I did that last night. I told myself to wake up, even if my sleep wasn't quite complete, I didn't get enough of it, I knew enough to wake up to stop the un-fun I was having. I woke up. I knew I woke up because I told myself to and didn't really care to go back to sleep just because I didn't want the nightmare to continue. I don't know about you, but I've been able to go back to sleep and have dreams continue where they left off. Not a fun thing to happen if it happens to be a nightmare.

Another time I experienced a lucid dream happened to be another nightmare, during which something scary was chasing me. I told myself that in order to get away from 'it', I could flap my arms and fly away. Even though I was aware that it is physically not possible for me to fly, I recall telling myself that this was a dream I was experiencing and I could in fact fly to get away from the scary thing. I did flap my arms, I lifted from the ground and the scary thing was left behind on the floor. I woke up thinking how interesting it was that I controlled the dream. Yep, lucid dreams. 

Have you experienced lucid dreams?

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