Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's time to leave Canada

It’s airport time!

After all that packing and hauling, it’s time to get myself together to travel. Of course my last minute everything wouldn’t be complete without me packing my luggage just a few hours before I have to drive to the airport. That is just not fun. I’m sure I’ll forget something. You try to pack a suitcase out of plastic bags and boxes, ugh.

The one thing I wish I could pack and take with me the most is Kittikens. He's been living with me for the past 2 years or so and even though he was never mine (he was my roommate's), he's been a true joy in my life and I'll miss him. Look at this face and tell me you wouldn't miss it!

Right, so on to my travels. 

Fast forward to finally getting to the airport, a fun thing happened, well 2 things. First off my mom bought one way tickets to Greece and being a dual citizen, I had both my Polish and Canadian passport with me but my granma didn't think to bring both. Well guess what? You can't go to Greece on a one way ticket with only a Canadian passport. The solution was to buy a ticket proving that you're going to leave Greece at some point, they don't are where to as long as you're not staying. I wonder if that's normal or if it has anything to do with what's going on in Greece.

Well now we have tickets to go to Poland and they're non refundable so we must go on February 12th.

The second fun thing happened during the customs check. They searched granmas bag. At first I wondered why they're searching so thoroughly, I mean she's an old lady (almost 80) and only has a lot of pills in her bag. Well, she had a knife in her glasses case. Yep, way to go granma, carrying a switchblade knife is a no no on a plane. Of course that got taken away and on our way we went.

What followed was a loooooong flight to London, UK for a layover of 3 or so hours at Heathrow Airport, then another flight of 3 hours to Athens, Greece. Here's a shot of London, can you see Big Ben?

At one point, I caught this shot. There weren't very many clouds around, but when there were, i saw our plane's shadow and thought it looked cool.
There's not much to see when you're sitting at the window seat on a plane, but seeing clouds while being above them was kind of cool.

Till next time!

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