Monday, December 12, 2011

Acropolis Part 2

Yesterday I showed HERE a part of my adventure of how I got to the Acropolis. Today here is the actual Greek ruins.

Even though it's December and I left cold winter weather in Toronto behind, the sun came out today for my tourist-like trip around Athens. Here's the entrance to Acropolis. I didn't realize that it was such a hike up the hill to the Parthenon.
On the way up, the first thing I saw was an amphitheater and lucky for me it's closed for winter so I was able to get a shot without people in it. The rest of the ruins were full of visitors, so I was less lucky.
It's quite the view walking up through the ruins. I really love seeing the city below.
Once on the top, my aunt insisted on taking a photo of me on the way, looking down. Eeep! I'm scared of heights. That's not a smile on my face, that's the look of fear.
Here's another shot of the amphitheater from the top. It's so cool looking.
This photo is of the Parthenon and I must say that the look of it surprised me. I didn't realize that there were still not finished with the restoration project. I guess I've always seen it in photos of movies and never with cranes and stuff all around it.

Yep, getting a shot without people in it wasn't going to happen. So I might as well have a photo of me in front of it too. Well, my aunt insisted again.

 How about some shots of Athens from the top, looking down. It's pretty awesome.

And back to being upstairs. I'm not sure what this building was called. I might have to do some research on these.

Before we left, I took another shot of the stairs. I wish there could have been no people all around, but once again, it's a busy day here.
Till next time!

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