Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What? No hot water?!

How’s this for an interesting fact about where I am in Greece. Most don’t have hot water unless the sun is shining. A lot of people use solar panels on their rooftops here for energy to heat their water with. So at night you’re better not hoping for a hot shower, it’s not going to happen. Unless of course you have those radiator type heaters indoors & they heat up the water. So far I’ve had a couple of times where I had to do dishes with cold water and had to wash up with cold water too. It’s not fun.
This is what the solar panel looks like. My aunt only has one so far. I ventured onto the roof to see it. I hear that the government is actually willing to subsidize those who fill their rooftops with the solar panels, but to install those things it’s super expensive. 

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