Saturday, December 10, 2011

Store fronts at night

Today we had to take my granma to the eye doctor; for some reason she prefers to go see doctors in Europe rather than in North America. She’s gotten it into her head that the doctors in other countries other than Canada are somehow better. The thing that makes no sense is that she doesn’t have to pay in Canada for her visits to doctors and now she’ll have to pay to see them.

Here's a super exciting shot of a pharmacy. Ok, maybe it's not exciting, but I love night shots with all the colours and such.

While going to the doctor, I looked around the store fronts down the street. 
Here are some European winter fashions..

Everyone's ready for Christmas here, even the dirty stores! Ha!

Till next time!

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  1. That's funny about your experience has been the opposite...I know of people who visit Canada and specifically make an appointment to see various doctors that they pay for when they are here as they feel Canadian care is better than their country! I guess its whatever makes the individual happy, right?

    It's also interesting to see those furry leg warmers seem to be all the rage there like here...that store front could have been downtown Toronto!