Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm in Greece!

Woot! After a long journey, this is the view I woke up to. Nice, eh?! I can't wait to see how different it looks each day! 
My aunt’s house is quite close to the water, in fact you get to see the other island across with the beautiful mountains. I’ll find out what they’re all called later, including the body of water.

On the other side of the balcony, you can see the other houses all perched on the hillside.

I’d also like to show off my new little friend, Psina. My aunt started feeding this little lady a few weeks back and now she keeps coming around. Good thing too because apparently at the very start, you could see her ribcage and now she’s filled out. When I spoke English to her, she just stared at me… this cat is going to make me learn to speak Greek. Ha!
Till next time!


  1. that kitty is flippin' gorgeous! i'd steal her in a a heartbeat. :)

    and that view! wow! maybe i'll be lucky enough to see Greece one day.

  2. What awesome view! Even the view of the houses is cool!

    Sorry you had so much to go thru getting to Greece (ie the move, all the driving, your grandma's bags being searched !) but hopefully your time in Greece will be less eventful!

  3. @Tiffany - I know, she's pretty awesome for a stray. She comes around the house and likes to play A LOT. She also seems to like posing for the camera. I have quite a few pictures of her now.

  4. @mrsrexy - It's pretty great to see what I see in the morning. It's like a painting that constantly changes right before your eyes. I've been taking pics almost every day of how different that mountain and water can look. I'll be posting it all soon, when I have proper net, rather than a internet cafe.